Cheap Trick paid a visit tonight to the Honeywell Center and seeing as how they have been one of those bands I’ve “always wanted to see”, I had to make the investment and catch the show (with the added bonus of being able to get home 20 minutes after the show was over).
So, after some convincing from the wife, I bought two tickets for me and Emily and we head out to the show. Great show by CT and the opening band (who was some local group of guys that work at the theater) were absolutely awesome. These guys gave CT a run for their money (IMHO). Anyhow after the show, Emily wanted to get a pick. We scoured around the auditorium and found one on the stage that a State Trooper recovered for her.
After the show, we headed out (after meeting Brian from the CT board) and drove past the tour bus where there was your usual group of gaggling fans. Emily wanted to stop, so I found a closer parking spot and we went off with my camera and a copy of the Cheap Trick “Silver” DVD in tow (hey, I’m ALWAYS prepared). Here’s what we got:

Emily got three autographs and was giddy the entire way home. I’ve had a hard time convincing her that even though she got all the autographs, it’s still my DVD. Hopefully I’ve broadened her musical horizons just a bit.