So tonight as I was digging through stuff for my Album of the Week post; I started to read up on what’s going on with one of my favorite bands and what they are doing (besides touring). Honestly (IMHO) Queensryche will never be the band it was without their guitarist Chris DeGarmo. That’s my opinion, I’ll still see them if they come around, but I hope Chris is happy flying jets for a living now.
So as I’m digging through the news, I came to this little tidbit from an interview with Geoff:
.. Before wrapping-up, the talk turns back to the DVD and the duet with Dream Theatre on the Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. “We began playing that song because of the Iraq War and the George Bush administration. We felt strongly about it because it’s a protest song. Iraq is a complete disaster and it’s a no win situation. The Bush administration is corrupt and conniving. They’ve lied so many times to the people of the United States and the world. I know they’re in Iraq for the oil, but the social issues in those fundamentalist countries are so awful. I don’t believe in fundamentalism of any sort. The whole fundamentalist perspective is wrong. It needs to be taken out and obliterated. What they’re doing to people especially women; the rape, the murder and the torture is completely ridiculous. It’s pre-historic and against everything that, as an American, I believe in. From that stance, we have an obligation to go in and liberate the women of these countries.?..
OK Geoff, we’re bad for going in and invading, but we should do something about the human rights violations? And what district in Washington State are you running for office? Keep this up and John Kerry might just make you an ambassador to Mozambique.