Cheap Trick – Silver
I know, I know, it’s a DVD, but they did release on CD as well. But for the money you are going to put out, get the video.
I’m a bit biased this week from just seeing the band just last week with my daughter Emily. But this usually happens after I see a band. Their CD makes it into my car and on iTunes and it gets puts into heavy rotation.
At home it was the Silver DVD that got significant airplay. I’ve always liked Cheap Trick (from their roots in Rockford, IL, to having one of the first albums that I could memorize beginning to end, and for just being a cool band when I was damn impressionable), these guys have always put out some decent music. And this DVD is no exception. It obviously has the always popular tunes from their 20+ year musical career and includes footage from a variety of people (including a barely coherent Slash) who joined them for a couple of shows at “On The Waterfront” in Rockford.
I’d rant on more, but you’d have to see it to understand.