And no, I don’t mean that Derek is in my personal space. 😉
T-Minus Five Days until Graduation. Go down to the college to pick up tickets and the cap and gown. Tickets are waiting, no problems there (except for being one of the oldest people in the graduating class). Go down to pick up my cap and gown. Oops, not in. Maybe it will be in by Wednesday. Hope nothing is wrong with it when it arrives….
Then get told the wonderful news that the last class I was in didn’t get paid for some reason. Hmm, I remember handing them my credit card and signing for a crapload of money, but my credit card company doesn’t have it processing through. As fears of “Oh @#$&@#, the class you just aced doesn’t count towards your GPA AND graduation”, they finally agree that something got lost and that I should just sign another slip and call it a day and still graduate. Of course, I followed up with “Gee, if two charges show up on my bill, guess you will be sending a credit through”. We’ll see how that goes when it happens…