OK, so it’s a day late. Sue me. 🙂
By far, the heaviest album in rotation while I was in high school was Tesla’s Mechanical Resonance. This album even beat out the ever-popular Operation: Mindcrime since I could actually PLAY some of the Tesla stuff.
So what made it the album of the week. Well, call it pure luck. As I was getting ready to drive out to see my friends this weekend, I had to load up the CD changer (something that hasn’t been done in years). Quite literally this CD fell off the rack and opened up for me on the floor. And for the next three hours on the drive to Chicago, the little Honda from Hell was blaring with “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Little Suzi” (BTW Dennis, that’s the next song you guys should cover. And if you do, you might be able to convince me to come up on stage next time I’m out and play the solo). 😉