Sounds like the grim reaper is going to make a visit to Paramount TV in the very near future. And from the last three shows I’ve seen of the series, he’s about a year late.
I’ve always like Trek, but mostly because it dealt with space stuff. Over the years I’ve learned to love Shat but I could never get past another castmember who frankly should look for another gig.
In the article, there’s a quote from Ed Weiler from NASA who said that “The loss of Trek would be ‘a sad statement’ if it reflected declining interest in ‘exploring and dreaming.'”. Got news for you Ed, it isn’t going to be the loss of people dreaming. It’s combination of a crappy network broadcasting rehashed episodes from previous incarnations while pushing the bloated employer that you keep getting paychecks from.
The dream is over. No more Enterprise, and hopefully no more NASA as we know it. C’mon Burt, what’s next after SpaceShip One?