According to my kids, we are the most evil parents in the world. I’m so proud, my wife and I work extra hard to make life as miserable as possible. 🙂
Here’s the latest list of the “evil” things we do.
#1. Curfew: Street lights on, kids in the house.
Some of the neighborhood kids can stay out later, but this is the hard and fast rule that has only been bent twice in my memory.
#2. If we can’t see you out the front door, you better have told us where you were going.
Basic rule that every kid should have (but doesn’t).
#3. No going down to the lake without an adult. And no, your twelve year old friend does not count as an adult.
My wife lost two of her cousins in a horrible drowning accident when she was eight. Both kids were great swimmers, one got in trouble and the other tried saving them.
#4. I get final OK on your friends. If there’s a kid that’s causing problems (i.e. getting arrested), then you won’t see much of them.
This one is rarely used because luckily none of our kids hang out with convicted felons.
#5. I’m open to negotiation, but when I make my decision, it’s final. Whine around about it and you will find yourself in your room.
This is the hardest one to do. We’re pretty strict when it comes to what the kids can and can’t do, but we still give them some leeway.
So what do you guys think? I’m pretty sure these are the rules I bitched about as a kid, but my kids seem to think I could take my pet dinosaur down to the volcano anytime I wanted to….