There’s been an interesting story going on here in good old Fort Wayne regarding Brieana Noe and her parents. And its also one of those stories that makes you shake your head and hug your kids a bit tighter.
Brieana’s Mom and Dad were in a custody dispute over Brieana. The dad, who lived in Ohio, wanted to get custody of his daughter while her mom fought like crazy to keep her. Several times during the entire process, Brieana’s mom made the comment “Brieana will never leave Fort Wayne with her father”.
Well, Brieana’s mom is still trying to make that true. Last week, according to initial police reports, Brieana’s mom murdered her to prevent her father from taking her away. On June 19th, Judi Noe wrapped her daughter up and held her under water until she stopped moving and “her eyes rolled back into her head”. Judi Noe this morning was charged with Felony Battery and Felony Neglect of a child. Murder charges are still pending.
After being confronted with the news of his daughter’s murder, Brad May took custody of his daughter’s remains and made arrangement with a local funeral home to transport them to a cemetary in Ohio to be buried near his family. Over the weekend, the county coroners office took back custody of Brienna from Brad May stating that since he didn’t have custody of Brieana while she was alive, the decision to bury her would be left up to the mother, Judi Noe. You know, the one who killed her.
In about an hour, Brad will be going to court to regain custody of his daughter’s remains. Knowing our justice system lately, I have a feeling that mom is going to get what she’s always wanted. Because even in death, she will still keep Brad May from taking his daughter home.
UPDATE: Brad May won his court case today. He will be taking Brieana home with him sometime this week. The coroner’s office has also ruled that Brieana’s death was a homicide and the state will be filing new charges against the mother shortly.