Some of the new homework that you can expect coming to a school near you. This was assigned to my eight year old son, who has the attention span of a gnat on speed.
And yes, this is verbatim from the blue sheet of paper sitting on my desk….
Active Homework
Your child will be participating in a new program this year called Active Homework. Active homework is 20-30 minutes of active play daily and outside of school hours. Your child will need to bring one 70-page spiral notebook to physical education class. Each student will write about each physical activity they participated in. They need to write about the activity, with whom, how long, and if it was moderate to vigorous. Every class will learn and understand what moderate to vigorous activity is and why physical activity is so important. After each physical activity logged, a parent or guardian will sign under each log. (Ed. Emphasis mine.)

Now while I don’t have a problem with my kids playing afterschool, I do have a problem with the exercise/fitness police coming into my home to mandate that my child participate in “vigorous activity” daily. Especially for eight year old boys whose entire life revolves around “vigorous activity”. Seriously, while I know childhood obesity is on the rise, do we really have to resort to daily reports of play?
Oh, but that’s not all. The nannystate has decided not only do the kids have to be “vigouous” for 20-30 minutes a day, but they have to report who was playing with them as well, what they did, if they paid homage to the Adidas and Reebok Gods, etc, etc, etc. I’m just waiting for the request to videotape my kids playtime so it can be critiqued and then used in ongoing fitness enforcement investigations.
But this is only the beginning. Tomorrow I’ll dive into Middle School Rules and Regulations otherwise known as “Stupid Stuff in Junior High”.