No no no, not from work, from the band.
Bascially, the reason behind it was that I was unavailable for them when they wanted to practice (namely they all worked third trick and I, working first, can’t really practice on Thursdays at 3:00 in the afternoon). But what clinched for them was what happened today….
Today my grandmother passed away. It was a shock to the family, but we move on, I’ll blog that later. When I found about her ill condition this morning, I booked the first flight down to Florida to say my goodbyes. Unfortunately, I had band practice tonight and tomorrow night and called John on the way to the airport to say I wasn’t going to make it. When she did pass away this afternoon (five minutes before I was to get on the plane), my dad called and said not to get on since she was already gone. OK, change plans, cancel seats and called John later (around 5:00 or so) to tell him I was going to spend some time with my family tonight, but that I would be able to practice tomorrow night.
So John calls me back and tells me that “Umm, you know, things aren’t working out, etc, etc. Your availabilty is like, umm….” and he was pissed that I couldn’t be there tonight.
Hey John. My grandmother died, you f***ing twit. My daughter is still in tears over it. In the grand scale of things, yes, you guys fall pretty low on the totem pole. Deal with it.
In the end, I’m glad I found out about it now instead of several months later when I built up more animosity towards him. I’m sorry that I won’t play with Jamie or Toe anymore, but that’s just how it is.