Several years ago, Derek, Jamie, and I decided that the original castmembers of Star Wars had become a bit stale and needed some spicing up. So for Derek, here’s the official Alternate Star Wars Casting List:
(BTW, this was orginally envisioned in 1996 I think so some of the actors are dated)
Luke Skywalker – Tim Allen
Leia Organa – Open
Han Solo – Gilbert Gotfried
Obi-Wan Kenobi – George Carlin
Chewbacca – Henry Rollins
Grand Moff Tarkin – Sam kinison
Darth Vader – Dennis Leary
Greedo – Open
R2D2 (Voice) – Richard Pryor
C3PO (Voice) – Eddie Murphy
Lando Calrissian – Ice T
Boba Fett – Steven Wright
Jabba the Hutt – Louie Anderson
Yoda – George Burns
Mos Eisley Band – Rob Zombie, Lars Ulrich, Neil Diamond
Salacious Crumb – Jim Carrey
Emporer Palpatine – Lemmy
Mon Mothma – Roseanne Barr