Last time it was for supporting the wonderful ideals of the Vietnamese Prison System. This time, it’s for the asinine posts about Laura Bush. And no, this wasn’t a response by some Dem troll, this was posted on their site.

Laura Bush’s Speech
Laura Bush, Stepford wife. Why isn’t anyone commenting on her fairly obvious botox job and not so obvious but probable lip filler…. It was fair game for Theresa Heinz Kerry. Is there a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy going on?

Hey remember guys, it’s all about the issues, right? Right??? Why bother bringing up what she actually said in her speech and just attack her appearance. Because they can’t. They couldn’t attack a school teacher and wife who knows her husband better than any of us. I swear that site is turning into the National Enquirer of politics….
But you know what, I guess I shouldn’t expect much. Because that’s all today’s Democratic party is; a loose set of ideals wrapped around a flashy smile and a slogan. This isn’t the party of FDR or Kennedy anymore…it’s the party of the Springer, Jerry Springer.