Matthew Yglesias was in mortal danger while covering the RNC Convention on Wednesday.
Watching that speech from inside the hall, I was genuinely afraid at one or two points. The audience was so enthused by his frankly fascistic remarks that at any moment I thought the distinguished Senator might point up and say “see, there, right there is one of these unpatriotic liberal journalists busy abusing the freedoms our soldiers fight to protect — he must be destroyed for the safety of the Republican” and that Matt Welch and I would need to fend for our lives against the onrushing hordes.
Or was it just cynicism…
Of course it didn’t quite come to that, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a more disgusting speech delivered in the English language. The fact that I couldn’t see a single person on the floor who seemed to feel anything less than the utmost enthusiasm for that lunacy was, well, a bit disturbing.
“Icky…people getting behind ideas I don’t support. Icky, Icky, Icky. I’m getting the vapors…”
What a turd. Matt, the only thing you were in danger from was being mocked by a couple of bloggers. Try not to file for victims reimbursement….