Apparently scientists are calling to perserving DNA on the moon in case of a cataclysmic ending to the Earth. Here’s why it’s bad.
#1. If something really bad happens that actually wipes the Earth out (like an intergalactic causeway), 239,000 miles isn’t going to be outside the “Danger Zone”.
#2. If something really bad happens that doesn’t wipe out the planet, but just a good chunk of the DNA-bearing creatures that live on it; most likely DNA will still survive and flourish in the aftermath. It’s been done before.
If we’re looking to leave a lasting impression on the universe, it’s pretty easy to do these days. Build a big frigging building that can be easily seen from orbit well outside the Danger Area when the Sun goes Nova (think Pluto/Kupier Belt). Make it reflective as all heck. Then build another. And another. Think “thousand times redundant”. At that point, you have significantly increase your odds of DNA surviving anything that is thrown at it.