Hannah has been going to a home school environment for the past year and a half. And for various reasons, that will come to an end next Friday. Her teacher didn’t get the enrollment she wanted (two people backed out at the last moment) and with the smaller class size she can’t afford to keep teaching and make a living. So unfortunately Hannah will be starting public school on the 11th.
To get an idea of where the kids are, we asked both teachers to put down on paper what she’s learned and what her new cllss is going to be doing. Here’s the big problem. The subjects the 5th grade class is learning today is mostly stuff she learned about back in mid-4th grade. I had Hannah checkoff everything on the list that she already learned. The page was completely full of checkmarks.
Here’s the big problem, I know she’s smart. I know she’s also going to get bored relearning things that she has already mastered. I’m off to talk to the school here shortly about what we will need to do to keep her interested. I don’t want her to wait for the rest of the class since she’s bright enough to catch on with harder things like Pre-Algebra in 5th grade.
When people ask me what the most crucial years of school are, I tell them everytime 3rd to 5th grade. Those years literally set out what groups you are going to learn with (the honors kids or the remedial group) which then dictates who you are going to be in class with most of the time. I know I was bored in science class since I usually knew more than the teacher.
Oh well, we’ll see if they have the alternate program for “No Child Left Behind”. Maybe it should be called “No Child Held Back”.