This time with the (thankfully freed) journalist John Martinkus who was abducted on Saturday by a group of Iraqi insurgents.
But that’s not the story that shows any bias. It’s the post on the Radio Free USA site that is most damning. Here’s the link:

Saturday around 2 p.m or so, John was picked up about 500m from our hotel compound. He turned out of the front gate, took the first right — as most of us do — and a car stopped in front of him and a tailing car pulled in behind him. Four men with pistols jumped out and three of them managed to force their way into the car, putting guns to the heads of John, his driver and his translator. They then took him to western Baghdad, held him overnight and interrogated him.

We’re not sure what all happened during his captivity, but he was able to persuade his captors that he was an Australian and a friend to the resistance and not to the Americans. It appears, by the kidnappers’ statements and questions, that they were nationalists and not jihadis, lucky for John. Also, he was lucky for not being American, because the kidnappers said if he had been, they’d have killed him quickly. They had tracked him for three days, they said, and proved it by asking him why he had gone to the Green Zone and to the Palestine on two separate days. This was how they were able to pick him up so easily.</blockquote
While it could have been a ruse to the captors, further into the post we get this lovely little piece.

…He had a pedigree of lefty, anti-war reporter. And he fell in with a (more or less) kind-hearted bunch who were just doing their job as national resistance fighters.

I’m glad John Martinkus is free, but I’m sure that this won’t stop his biased reporting of what is happening in Iraq.