As most people know, I’m currently taking a Sociology class which has been quite entertaining since I’m the token conservative. My teacher who tolerates me since I “stir the pot” in class, wrote a lovely paragraph on how I’m ignoring the plight of those who can’t help themselves which was an interesting read (especially on how “warped” my views are), but I can’t complain since she gave me a A+ on both assignments. šŸ™‚
Anyhow, it’s become the class joke that I tend to disagree with most of the people in the classroom (last week it was how we’re ignoring poverty, this week it was education and socialized medicine). It hasn’t bugged me, if anything it’s been a comic delight to watch people get completely worked up over how I’m so damn “uncaring”. The funniest part was watching people accuse me of the following:
#1. Not knowing what it is like to grow up in a single parent household.
#2. Not knowing what it is like to live on food stamps or on food from a community food bank.
Mom, at this point, you should probably stop laughing. šŸ˜‰
So anyhow, tonight as they were going on about socialized medicine, one of the presenters pointed out that I must have really not liked Clinton’s 1994 Medical Program since, well, it came from Clinton. Imagine the shock when I said that I had voted for Clinton TWICE. I didn’t exactly take the wind out of their sails, but I think a majority of them thought I was full of it.
Anyhow, I’ll gladly point out to the readers of this site that I was a full lib all the way through to approximately 1998 when I started to become disgusted with the way the Democratic party behaved. My positions on socialized medicine and taxing the rich changed when I realized how it was unfair for someone who worked harder to have more money taken from them since they were rich.
Classmates and teachers….enjoy! See you next Wednesday after a more and more likely Bush victory!