Today I get a friendly reminder from my mortgage company that they have not received my current month’s payment. This is starting to be a trend since last month they didn’t receie my payment because silly old me didn’t know that the account number printed on the statement was not really my loan’s account number.
So, I get the notice this month and think “they lost it again”. Call the bank and after a maze of options, I get a hold of the department and ask them what happened. Well, it looks like their notice and my payment must have crossed in the mail since they had it and everything was OK. But that’s not the story.

Me: Well, I paid it 11/3, and you guys got it 11/12. I don’t think the USPS is that slow.
Clueless CSR: Where did you mail it from.
Me: It’s through my bank’s Checkfree service, it gets mailed from Virginia I think.
Clueless CSR: Where are they mailing it to?
Me: (recites address on statement)
Clueless CSR: OK, that’s not right.
Me: Umm, it’s the address on the statement. It’s also right below the sentence “Mail Payments To:”.
Clueless CSR: Yeah, but it’s not right. Here’s the address.
Me: OK, let me get this straight. The account number on the statement is invalid, but you route it to the right place. Now the address you print is invalid as well.
Clueless CSR: Yes, is there anything else I can help you with.
Me: Oh I don’t know, maybe a bank that doesn’t have as f*cked up billing systems like you do.

Honestly, how frigging difficult is it to put the right address on the statement. Silly me for putting that as the mailing address for Checkfree…