Derek told me today he’s been wearing a rather interesting button lately.

Now, since I live in Jesusland, most people would lump me into the “Redneck” group. While I do own a Jeff Foxworthy DVD, my aversion to hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, and my general pasty complexion would show that I’m not your typical Hoosier resident. But for a number of people, it’s pretty damn easy to lump all of us “Bible-Bangers” into one category. Instead of disliking several groups, it’s just one big group of evil people forcing their views onto the unenlightened masses….
But when people ask Christian Conservatives about GWB’s policies, you will find they aren’t quite too happy with his choices. But again, that’s beside the point. Anyone who votes for GWB wants prayer in schools, forced church attendence, and a policy of subverting anything and anyone who would offend Jerry Falwell.
But I’ve got to get back to Betty. What’s actually hilarious is the shop that sells these buttons and how much money they make. My friends in Cover Story have been selling items through Cafe Press for a few months and while it isn’t a huge moneymaker, it can be depending on your volume of sales. My guess is that judging from the number of choices on the site; Betty is doing quite well.
But to be honest, I don’t have a problem with the site (they even poke fun at themselves to a point). Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, no matter how misguided or stupid they look. I wish Betty the best of luck in her business and look forward to when she has to switch things around next election when the Red/Blue colors switch again and make everything she’s sold somewhat invalid.
Hey Derek, would you mind throwing that button in the mail in about 3 1/2 years so I can use it as well? 🙂