As you know, one of my favorite targets is none other than David Terrell of the Bears who seems to do more bitching than catching. Anyhow, while reading through the Bears atrocious expected loss to the Colts brought out this gem.

David Terrell caught three passes for 76 yards and showed the athleticism he wants to be known for on two grabs. Terrell uncharacteristically gave one-sentence answers afterward and implied the organization had put the unpredictable wide receiver under a gag order.
“I’m not trying to say too much of nothing right now,” Terrell said.
Did somebody with the Bears tell him to watch what he said?
“I want to be in Chicago next year,” Terrell said.
Does that mean yes?
“I am going to do what I’ve got to do to be in Chicago next year,” he said.

I would have love to have heard that conversation between Terrell, Angelo, and Lovie Smith last week. It would have been epic.
David, keep playing games like this and show us that you want to be a part of a team; I guarantee I will support you….