My love for various shipping companies has no bounds. But at this point, I will have to say I’ve never had to deal with such ineptitude as what I’ve seen at DHL.
Ordered a hard drive for a friend’s notebook. No big deal, got a good deal from Dell for a Toshiba 40GB and decided to pay for the overnight shipping. Here’s where the fun begins.
First, the item is backordered. OK, no big deal, Dell is telling me they will have it in a couple of days. About a week later I get the e-mail telling me it has shipped and I should receive it the next day.
Fast Forward to Monday. Shipment was supposed to arrive Friday AM. Call DHL and they say they goofed, but it should deliver Monday AM. Call Dell for refund on shipping and everything is great.
Monday afternoon, still no DHL and call into the office to see if the driver got lost. Nope, in fact it’s not going to be delivered today. In fact, they don’t know where it is. Apparently the package left California and disappeared into the ether. OK, start a search and call Dell to tell them DHL lost the package. Nice lady at Dell offers to ship replacement overnight, I tell her let’s wait for DHL to find it.
Yesterday morning, DHL calls back and says they found the package in Salt Lake City and will have it to me this morning. Call Dell, tell them to note my account that DHL found it and that I mght be calling back if there are major problems with it.
So this morning, I jump on DHL’s website and this is the only thing I see….

11/22/04 10 : 10 pm Departing origin. Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing about “Out for Delivery” or even “Arrived in Fort Wayne”. Nope, just that its on it’s way out of Salt Lake. Call DHL, who then inform me the package was misrouted once again onto a DHL ground trnasport and that I should receive the package on Monday. Apparently, the last CSR had accidentally put “ground” instead of “first AM” on the new shipping label and it was now taking the slow Yugo to Indiana.
I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or bitch about this. I’m thankful this wasn’t a “critical” part that I was waiting for, but after talking to Dell it sounds like this is DHL’s modus operandi.