Or at least someone who can kick a lawyer in the ass.
My wife and I have been trying to finalize the adoption of our foster son since August when his birth parents rights were finally terminated. This was supposed to be done in September. Now it’s December 1st and the guarantees that I had from both sides (the state AND our attorney) are totally out the window. Now that both sides have sat on this project and only have made progress when I got on either of their collective asses; we are now going to miss getting this done by Christmas. Something both sides said wouldn’t happen, and it should not have happened if either side would have put ten minutes into this filing back in September instead of late November. I won’t go into details of who/where/when since the case is still pending, but suffice to say, I’m highly pissed.
I don’t know how these supposed professional, smart people can’t take care of a simple adoption. I’m taking a look at the filing, and my wife and I could have completed the damn thing ourselves and would have saved over a grand in legal fees and three months of time in doing this. Most people won’t think it’s a big deal, but when you have possibly expiring tax credits for legal fees and such; that’s when I get highly pissed off.
Oh well, /venting, I doubt there’s any legal recourse to this issue other than word of mouth to our friends about certain law offices and state agencies.