The Scene:
Her: A thirty-something woman with a shopping cart walking out to the car.
Me: A scruffy thirty-something guy carrying out a space heater and two gallons of milk plus my car keys looking like he’s going to drop everything in about two seconds.
As I’m heading to the door I saw that I didn’t have my gloves on or my keys in hand, ready to unlock the van because it’s damn cold outside. So I decide to put my purchases down on a bench and start putting on my golves. When I’m finished and I start heading to the outer door, this woman walks by me and I let her go ahead (being the gentleman that I am) and start the trudge out to my car. She notices that I’m “following” her and pulls her purse closer and start walking at a speed that can only be described as “glacial”. About five seconds later, another slow down and a glare. This continues for approximately 200 feet, glaring and walking. Of course, I can’t walk around her due to traffic and if I did, it would be pointless since I would only get to my car at this point only five seconds sooner. So just before I reach my car, she suddenly spins around and yells “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!?!”.
As I hit the button to unlock the door of the van, with a smile on my face the entire time, I politely remind her this is a parking lot and that if anyone was going to mug her, I doubt it would be a guy carrying a space heater and two gallons of milk especially with lots of people in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
Some people just need to chill at this time of year….can’t imagine what she would have done if I bumped into her.