Now that my Chicago Bears are reading up on tee times as opposed to playbooks, it’s time for my attention to move over to my second favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts.
Wizbang points to an article in the Boston Herald where the Patirots are purposely leaving their field open to the elements to “slow down the Indy offensive machine”.
Of course, the New England papers are really missing the truly “Offensive” behavior of the groundskeepers and the Patriots organization. Being someone who has played football in mud, it’s a great way to turn your legs into directions they never have been before. Bill Bellichek has coached for years in this league and when confronted with the field issue, he quipped:
“My job is not to pull weeds.”
Hey Bill, I thought it was your job to “win games and take care of your team”. I’m sure you will be awash in euphoria as somebody on the Colts (or the Pats since they do play offense) gets a gruesome leg injury which knocks them out for the game, the year, or maybe even their career. I’m sure the people of Indianapolis will completely understand that your inaction regarding the playing field was only a “natural advantage” you took when Marvin Harrison or Brandon Stokley is out for the next season due to a horrible knee tear. Or maybe Edgerinn James will revel in his year of free agency where his marketability is downplayed from the year of rehab he has to do to his ankle.
What would be the best outcome from this? Possibly the NFL flying someone to Foxboro and seeing the condition of the turf. Maybe they give them a polite reminder about how inadequately prepared turf can casue you to lose homefield advantage or even destroy someones career.
After seeing this, I hope the Colts completely smoke the Pats. And I’d love to see CBS zoom in on the groundskeeping crew if/when someone gets hurt to wonder aloud if things would have been different if they would have just taken the necessary precautions.