Man, this is going to be a full rant day today…
Last night on the much maligned by yours truly but still heavily watched Law & Order, the DAs office fired one of the Assistant DA’s for being too “touchy feely” when it comes to prosecuting cases. Fine, she wasn’t doing the job in the manner the DA wanted and that was the end of her employment. Then she follows up with the favorite gem on the blogosphere today…
“Is it because I’m a lesbian?”
What the hell is he going to say?
“Umm, yeah, even through this has never even been hinted to throughout your entire existance on this show, my Gaydar was going off full tilt when you walked in the room and I knew that I had to follow my standing orders from my evil white homophobic overlords and fire your ass immediately.”
What a f*cking joke. Serisouly, what was the benefit of throwing out that little statement in the show? I can’t think of a beneficial reason to throw that in unless:
#1. There’s going to be another spin off called “Law & Order: Suing the Sh*t out of Fred Thompson for Sexual Harassment”
#2. Assistant DA Serena Southerlyn is going to take on the most heartbreaking cases of civil injustice during a very special “Joey”.
Anyone else see the show and get the same (or different) reaction?