Last night was entertaining. Around 6:45, Nathan went into convulsions while sitting on DeAnn’s lap. Anyone who has had small children will tell you that is one of the scariest moments of your life. Kids were in a panic, but DeAnn and I grabbed Nathan, ran to the car and sped off to the hospital.

Enter the hospital and the staff starts stripping him down to his diapers. Temp is 103, and he decides to puke all over the bed at this point. Got him cleaned up, just in time for the doctor to walk in and says he has a double whammy ear infection. Since his temp is above 103, he also orders a chest X-Ray and CT scan of his noggin. This is where the fun begins.
First, to stop the vomiting, they give him a suppository. Then, just as he’s falling asleep, it’s time for a chest X-Ray and CT scan. Ever had to hold a baby down to give him medicine? Now imagine doing it while the kid is spun around three ways to Saturday. You get the picture.
So after the strapping down, spinning, unstrapping; we’re led back to our room to await the results. An hour passes and the doctor walks in looking at his head and asks if he’s hit his head recently. No, nothing outside normal 2-year-old crap.