For those of you new to my site, several months ago I posted an extremely sad story involving Brieana Noe who died at the hands of her mother in order to prevent the father from getting custody.
A Custody Dispute Beyond the Norm
Update on Brieana Noe
Update on Judi Noe
Brieana’s grandmother has posted here several times along with some of Judi’s supporters (who the hell would “support” a @#*&^#@@ babykiller is beyond me) and just recently put up a comment that Judi reached an agreement with the district attorney’s office to serve two to eight years in jail for murdering her daughter.
Derek and I a long time ago bantered about plea bargains and how they might ursurp the justice system. While I do think plea bargains are a necessity in this system, I also think in this case two to eight years for murdering a child is beyond ridiculous. Of course they are saying she had a “brief psychotic episode”; but why didn’t she end up “episoding” herself once she saw she murdered her daughter and let her sit for two days in the bathroom.
If anything, the next person who runs for Prosecuting Attorney in Allen County is going to have some fodder to use again the one in office.