Maybe he an perform his own “de-foot-in-mouth-ectomy”.
Picked up from The Corner on NRO.
As for what Dean said to the black caucus, he kicks the GOP in the groin. “He surveys the crowd of 150 crammed into the room. ‘You think the RNC could get this many people of color into a single room?’ he marvels. ‘Maybe if they got the hotel staff in there.'”
Wonder what the reaction would be if it was Dick Cheney speaking to the RNC???
My reaction, it’s nothing; most hotel stafffs are made up of people of color. But you won’t see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton calling for the resignation of Dr. Dean; like they have so many other times with so many other people’s innocuous comments.
Those two idiots have taken the real racial problems in this country and have turned them into a mockery because of their petty, political , and profitable agendas.