First rule, never go to the hotel the “team” recommends. Especially when it’s a sales team that recommends it.
No Internet Access
No Paper in the Morning
No Easy Access to my room
Right now I’m sitting in a Panera Bread which is only two blocks away from the hotel, trying to get a bunch of work done after eating a truly disgusting $8.00 sandwich. Got my presentations updated in about ten minutes (which on dial-up would have been over an hour) and now I’m just blogging and killing time while I’m waiting to call the little ones.
I honestly like and hate being on the road. I like it because it gives me a night of no kids, no thinking other than what’s on TV. But that gets old after a night and usually by the second night I’m itching to go home, which is actually starting to kick in right now.
Oh well, off to find the office so I don’t spend two hours getting lost in KC tomorrow morning.