Well, today I’m off to Kansas City to visit a number of my new customers and do some face time with the sales team. I’ve never been to KC, which unfortunately isn’t as glamourous as L.A., but it’s a good way to meet with customers, etc.
One nice thing about living in flyover country is leaving from a tiny airport. My wait in line to get my boarding passes was under five minutes, the longest part of security was unpacking my laptop, and the airport has killer free wired/wireless access throughout the entire terminal. Of course, when I get to O’Hare in about two hours, I’ll be stuck using my Blackberry since T-Mobile, et al have a firm hold over internet access in the terminal.
Well, back to actual working (I know…working when I’m supposed to be relaxing, getting ready for a flight). Ross, just remember this on my next review. 🙂