Here’s a lovely article regarding Norway’s new policy that all businesses in Norway have at least 40% of their board members be female. Here’s a beautiful quote from the Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Daavoey:
“If we can recruit women to our state companies why can’t private businesses do it too?” Daavoey said.
It’s really simple Laila, state run companies are not required to have a profit. In fact, the vast majority of “state-run” companies are usually little more than bloated bueraucracies which only exist as jobs programs. Real companies however, tend to look for experienced people to be placed in certain roles because “they are really good at those leadership roles”.
It’s really simple what is going to happen. Over the next year or two, various boards throughout Norway are going expand their board membership to meet the arbitrary 40% number. And in some cases experienced people are going to be asked to leave various boards to make room for “quota filler”.
How is this making Norway more cometitive and somehow improving relations between the sexes? No wait, this was the country that brought us previous rant material for these fine posts.