You know, when I ran for President of the Homeowners Association, I really did it because I didn’t want some psychotic idiots interpreting every whim of the covenants into their own personal vendetta to enforce some sort of “neighborly nirvana” upon the hapless saps that live here.
Now, it’s coming to a head.
Over the past few weeks I’ve been besiged by various neighbors wanting “X” or “Y” bylaw strictly enforced because it somehow offends them even though several neighbors in the addition have been in violation of code “X” or “Y” since before these guys moved in.
Now the “offended” parties are looking at yours truly. My take on it is “If it’s been here before our association became ‘serious’ three years ago, it should be allowed within reason”.
Do you know what has all of the people with their panties in a wad? A shed. A shed that is placed on the side of a house where everyone can see it from the street. These people are going apeshit because they can see a shed from the street and somehow this affects the value of their homes. What a load of crap.
Oh, and here’s the latest rumor. There’s lots of “For Sale” signs up. Why is that? Because, according to the rumor, people are leaving because we aren’t “strictly enforcing” every code. Now, who the hell is going to let $15,000 go to a realtor because every code isn’t psychotically enforced.
I’m done. I’m going to stay as president as long as I can but I’m sure the time is coming where someone is going to ask for my resignation. And when they do I’m going to laugh. Because that isn’t going to come easy (envision something like “Julius Caesar”) and it’s going to be well documented. Because I want to be there at the end when the carnage is over and point out who caused it.
It’s going to be fun…