So I’ve been trying to sell my Tascam 2488 Recording Board and as of right now I’ve had two questions, both dealing with “alternate forms of payment”. The first guy wanted to mail a money order, which I was fine with but right after he sent the e-mail, EBay shut his account down for fraud. OK, so I relist for free and take another swipe at it. Here’s the first question I get on the item…

Hi there i’d like to order your item listed,and i want to use my credit card as a payment method,hope you can procces my card through own merchant account or card machine facility.cause it’s only way of payment term that i’ll do to buy your item.i’ll wait for your reply and response and for further negoitation. thanks you and Sorry to bother you again…also don’t hestinate to email me back.

I have to wonder about the clueless masses out there who would gladly take payment on this from what is most likely a stolen credit card number. The reason people want to avoid PayPal (from what’s I’m guessing) is that PayPal likes to verify who you are in order to use their service. Maybe there’s some other valid reason, but in either case I don’t have a merchant account and there’s no way I could get this to go through in either case.