Man I don’t even know where to start with this…
After the last two weeks of public school, I am so ready to make it my life mission to get school vouchers approved, especially after this little e-mail exchange between the parents of a six year old and a school principal regarding teaching same-sex unions in school.
The parents didn’t want the kid to attend Diversity training since it interfered with their religious views. No matter how stupid this might be, a parent should have the right to exclude their own children from whatever curriculum is offensive to them. But no, the school wanted to discuss their feelings and defend their reasoning as opposed to listening to the parents and keeping their child out of the program.
What happened in the end? Well, the parents went to school and wouldn’t leave until they received assurances that their children would not be put into this class. And when they wouldn’t leave, the father was arrested for tresspassing.
While I don’t have a problem with same-sex relationships or families, I still think it’s the right of every parent to decide whether their child should participate in whatever curriculum the school is offering. I can’t help but look at these diversity trainings as a way of indoctrination, not into the gay lifestyle, but into some pseduo “if it feels good, do it, or at least be mellow about it” form of reasoning (especially from PBS, where it is honestly the worst since I’ve attended some of their seminars and wondered what people right here in the City of Churches would think of these views).
Bottom line, the school screwed up. Some people might view it as a good thing since it is more than likely the parents will enroll their “bigoted” kids in private schools. Maybe they won’t think the same when other alternative lifestyles are brought into the school….