And no, I don’t mean an age group with heritage from our friends south of the border. I mean the totally vapid, self-serving decision making some of hollywood Elite have made. Anyone who would stop a child from being breastfed because of their own neuroses needs to seriously reflect on why they are a parent.
Predictions on how this ends:
#1. Mea Culpa. Rosie comes out and says she was wrong, yadda yadda yadda, everyone’s happy.
#2. F*ck You! Rosie says what she does as a parent is her own business (never mind that she’s in a relationship with the child’s parent) and this is the first item of several that eventually breaks up the marriage/relationship/whatever is politically correct to call it.
My personal guess is she’ll pull a #2 until it hits the major media, then about face to #1 putting her squarely in the center of attention once again.
(UPDATE) One more thing….her blog is full of comments from “lactivists”. It’s bad enough to have a sit in for public breastfeeding but to call your group a bunch of “lactivists” seems just as self serving to me….