I’ve had my Sirius receiver for about a month now, and frankly it’s something I can live without. Even if it was free, there is no way that I would use the thing with all of my MP3s fitting nicely onto 10 CD’s. So with that in mind, I decided to call Sirius to cancel the service. Here’s how it went:
Call Toll Free #
Maze of choices
Figure out “change the status of your account” means discontinue service
Wait ten minutes
Repeat the information I typed in
Go through security drill
Tell them what I want to do
Promptly told that another group handles these requests and they will call me back “in a day or two”.
Told there is no way to note my account that I called in today to cancel my service.
No idea if they will cancel my service back to this date.
I understand wanting to keep subscriber’s money coming in, but in my case where I’m a new customer who was not overly impressed with the service; any chance for me coming back is slipping away quickly…