About a year and a half ago I put up a post along the lines of “where are they now” for some of my classmates from the last graduating class of Kolmar Avenue School. And of course I put in the prophetic comment:
“So, several years from now, when someone along those lines decides to google “Kolmar Avenue School 1985″, maybe I’ll make their search a little more strange…”
Paging Mr. Strange….please pick up the white courtesy phone. 🙂
Got a post from the “high-priced lawyer type” who was lamenting over the lack of adjectives descrbing her (preferably the word ‘hot’ of which she is and as she’s reading this is probably turning twelve shades of red) but it sounds like there is a movement to pull together the graduating class of 1985 for a twenty-year reunion.
So at this point, I’d be glad to offer my site and this post as a central point for people to chime in if they were one of the 39 kids who remembers Mrs. Jumbeck, Mrs. Baio, and can remember the sound high heels tearing down the hallway at Mach 27. Please feel free to respond, post, wander around and to thank God you didn’t end up in Rural Indiana unlike myself (who wouldn’t trade it for anything).
All e-mail addresses posted here will be collected and used for blackmail purposes after the said reunion takes place. I have pictures of you guys from seventh grade and I’m not afraid to show them to your kids 😉