I’ve always thought that a prophecy is made up of two parts. The first part involves thinking of something you want to happen, the other part is making crap up to say it’s going to happen. The rest of this post will revolve the second part….
Ive never been a social animal. When the party is going on, I’m off to the side wondering if the stereo has Double Dolby Noise Reduction with a port and starboard spontaneous noise generators. When the cliques form, I’m watching something stupid on TV or make nonsensical comments about the relevance between someones comments about their kids and a obscure reference Nixon made at a news conference in 1973.
So, back to me and my psychoses. I don’t do well in groups. No it’s not something that needs to be medicated, related, psychodated, philosphated, and spontaneously regenerated. It’s just who I am. And tonight I’d like to thank the few people that made it much more bearable to be there (you know who you are, and I hope to hear from you soon).
Now on to what I was talking about earlier. Sometimes people can point to a song, a mix, or a genre and somehow relate it to their lives. Tonight through pure happenstance, it happened to me. But not in a bad or good way, just in a weird “what the hell is he talking about” way. It was more of a reverse, backwards, “something I would think of way…” Ruthie mentions her love U2, and I think back to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “New Years Day” which had been blaring through my car just an hour earlier. I start to wonder about what I’ve done with my life and of course I think about “The Grand Illusion” which was on on the way into town.
Music has a way of working into our lives through obscure methods. Elaine and Terry were quite proud of their iPods, and I know several conversations revolved around music at one point or another. And we try to find meaning, inspiration, hope, and satisfaction in those tones that come through our ears.
So what’s the relevance of all of this? Nothing really…mostly meek observations in the mind of a fat guy with too many kids at 12:42 in the morning. But it’s also my way of saying it was nice to see everyone tonight. It was nice to spend time talking to people who I haven’t spoken to in years about kids, work, and life. And it also shows we should keep in touch, at least those of you that aren’t afraid of the Wal-Mart Stalker.
One more thing, increasingly stupid stories about yours truly can be found here ,here, and even here. And the couple of pictures taken tonight will be posted tomorrow because I left the camera cable at home…