Oh Jesus, here we go….
According to some Houston fans, the White Sox should not have the World Series trophy. Here are the top three reasons.
#1. The roof was open.
#2. Bad calls by the umps.
#3. Strike zone size by the umps.
Here’s one thing I have to say to both Angels and Houston fans.
#1. As a White Sox fan, I have stated clearly even before the series began that it didn’t matter if the damn roof was open or closed. If you honestly think you need a little more noise to win a game, then your team was more pathetic than I thought.
#2. Should we review each and every “controversial” call made by the umps during the regular season? Maybe in that case, Cleveland wins the AL Central and then someone else can win the World Series.
#3. You had what was probably the two best pitching staffs in the league in the World Series. Can you honestly tell me that future hall-of-famer Roger Clemens was getting a smaller strike zone than Mark Burhele? If so, you are in need of serious mental evaluation.
I understand that people want to put an asterisk on the White Sox victory. And to them, it doesn’t matter that they had the best record in the AL, the best pitching staff in the AL, and what turned out to the be the best team in the entire league this year. If it makes you feel better to slap an asterisk on the victory, go for it. Maybe you will sleep better at night….