Because tomorrow is Veterans Day and the banks will be closed and it’s a Federal Holiday, I won’t be receiving my paycheck tomorrow. My bank, when called, doesn’t seem to give a shit about the whole thing. Their comment was essentially “Deal with it”. My employer has yet to return my phonecall. Basically, I’ve been told to deal with it and get paid Monday.
Except this weekend, the wifey and I are going away on holiday.
So as far as cash is concerned, there’s a bit but not much. I’ve got the AmEx, so I’ll just abuse it and get my miles and pay them off on Tuesday after I get paid.
You would think the banks, with their automated systems for processing would realize “Shit, it’s a Friday and most people get their paychecks now-a-days via Direct Deposit, maybe we should talk about doing something”. But alas, as the nice person at my “soon to be former bank told me”, I should just deal with it.
And no, I’m not going to leave a bank over something they have no control over. I’m going to leave because they are a bunch of arrogant pricks when I call about basic questions.