Anyone who has flown into Midway knows it’s always an entertaining experience. I can distinctly remember one time flying back from Florida to touchdown just a few hundred feet from the middle of the runway. The next few seconds can only be described as the fastest 120 to zero stop I’ve ever experienced in my life. We didn’t hit the end of the runway like tonight’s flight, but we did take the corner pretty close. Scary thing is most people that I’ve spoken to that have flown in and out of Midway have said the same thing.
I’ve always wondered why we’ve dumped billions into O’Hare for expansion when the one airport in Chicago that could use an extra thousand feet of runway sits. When we took off to Florida last time on ATA on a 757, it was an interesting takeoff with turning the corner off the taxiway at about 30mph, then slamming the throttles forward just so we could clear the fence by about 100 feet.
Even through millions has been spent on improving Midway, I have to wonder if Daley is going to call for Midway to be closed or at least ramped back. The airport is the most conveinent airport in Chicago (besides the now sodded Meigs Field).