To the captain of the flight that was landing in front of my United Flight #248.
What the fuck were you thinking? You are landing at O’Hare, a very busy airport and for some reason you decide to slow down? Did you think of the plane behind you (namely mine) who due to your decision had to go to full power and bank away from the approach pattern in order to avoid giving you a 737 enema?
Or maybe this should be to the ATC who from what I could see almost had us park in front of a taxing 777. The only evidence I have of this offense is that our captain had to hit the brakes hard in order to prevent our plane from becoming a hood ornament.
The flight from Denver was quite pleasant, especially when I finally found someone to talk to that didn’t want to play solitaire or pretend to sleep. In this case it was a former Chicagoan who is in a similar relationship as what DeAnn and I are in (she’s older, he’s in need of direction, etc, etc…) Kind of rare these days in air travel.
Update: My observations were based on the reactions after we were on the ground of the captain and flight crew. While a go around isn’t unusual, the captain was kind of peeved in getting into Chicago ten minutes late because of the actions of that plane in front of us.