I think all the crap about the bird flu has NOTHING on what has been spreading through this house.
Emily was sick on Monday. Puking, fever, general malaise. Upon hearing that Emily was staying home from school, Tyler became immediately infected with the same malady, minus the fever. He “threw up” three times in about ten minutes with no associated sounds or proof in the usual places.
So, this continues on until Friday, when he starts coughing like crazy (especially when he’s in trouble). fine, keep him home and take him to the doctor who discovers he has a mild respiratory infection. Antibiotics, and staying home for the day from school, in which he became miraculously better after 12:00 (the time where you can’t go back to school).
Fast forward to yesterday when Andrea was walking around the house feeling “bad”, but no fever, throwing up, or anything along those lines. This morning at 6:45 when I walked into the room of three sleeping girls (who should have been up at 6:15) and start rousing them out of bed. Except for Andrea who slept in until her bus had already left. So after a drive to school and the silent treatment all the way there, it sounds like someone has mysteriously been able to get over the latest malady in the home.
However, I hear that the bug is still highly contagious and can be caught by any school-age child, usually on Monday mornings. 😉