…is probably long overdue.
Google annouced today a free (as in beer) spreadsheet program that will allow users to share data over the internet. And while it looks like a nice program, I have to wonder what’s going to happen next.
When I first heard of this program, I had a single spreadsheet in mind, my monthly budget worksheet. I’ve been using this worksheet for the past two years and tend to get highly annoyed when I forget to copy the most recent version to whatever machine I’m travelling with. So this new offering looks quite tempting except if my info was ever hacked, it would list out almost every single liquidable financial account I have (minus account numbers).
So the question is do I give up security for conveinence? The data would most likely be useless to most people unless they really knew me well. But then again, it’s a foothold to get more of my personal data more easily….probably thorugh social engineering. The odds are low…but still.
Conveinence or security? Which one would be best….