Well, it happened again. This time, I was let go because the rest of the band thought “I had too much going on in my life” and my personal favorite quote…
Well, if we knew you had seven kids right from the bat, we might have looked elsewhere.
Too bad that was the first thing I told them during my tryout……
Apparently the singer and bassist were “paranoid with fear” that I wouldn’t be able to make it to a show and that the occasional rescheduling of practice was “bringing the band down”. I think there were other factors in “their decision” but hey, sh*t happens. 🙂
The last straw was apparently that I wanted notice when they scheduled a show (you know “hey, I’m scheduling a show for this week, everything cool with that?”). But no, they wanted me to clear every weekend on the “possibility” that we might have a show in say, December 15th, six months from now. So instead of making plans, I need to keep things open every single weekend on the “possibility” we might have a show. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a band that has required having every weekend open on the “possibility” of a show, not actually having one scheduled dammit.
DeAnn and I talked, and she’s dead set that I just need to do my own thing, start a band right here around my music and have me lead the damn thing, which is what I’m going to do. I’m probably going to do some re-recording of stuff Dennis and I did a couple of years ago, a bit of tweaking on other things, etc….
I’m also working on getting a copy of the video from our last show together (which was a great show IMHO). When and if that shows up, I’ll throw it on the site.