(Disclaimer: blah blah blah, copyright, etc, etc, etc, me bad for recording this…)
So on Friday night, DeAnn and I took a night off from the kids and went to see the Colin & Brad Show at the Honeywell Center. The Honeywell center is a great place for us to see a show since it is relatively close and it’s quite an auditorium (see previous notes about shows at the Honeywell Center with Cheap Trick and Night Ranger. DeAnn and I watch the Americanized version at night, usually recorded from the ABC family channel. And now since it is off the air, we’re basically watching the same show over and over again.
Colin and Brad have been touring the country and I’m sure seeing a number of people who watched the show. They do various game from the show, and some stuff that will never be on the show (such as mousetrap).
So before you click on the video, let me set it up for you. Colin and Brad were playing the game “Whose Line” which means they pick a phrase out of a hat and have to say it in the middle of a sketch. Some family decided it would be a good idea to bring their three year old to the show with a Colin and Brad shirt on for whatever reason. During this sketch, the kid started yabbering and he was pretty loud to the point where Colin and Brad started using it in their sketch. Eventually, the kid would not shut up, so Brad grabs the hat and walks into the audience to say something to the kid.