You have to wonder about the doom and gloom these days, especially with Global Warming. Today’s panic piece?
Undersea Gas Could Speed Global Warming
Do I dare bring up the point that the Earth temperature was several degrees warmer in the past? And the cycle has repeated itself several times over the millenia? And we’re all still here.
Now, I would honestly love to find something different along the lines of improved Nuclear Power and a couple of these to tool around in, two things today’s concerned environmentalist doesn’t want to really consider (well, at least the first one….).
So what does it mean? Hell, I’m not a scientist, but I have to guess that what we’re seeing is…
a). Natural
b). Out of Our Control
Should we lower our oil consumption? Of course, but more for waste/political reasoning than anything. And if you want to really help the environment, instead of buying a nickel-metal hydride battery equipped Prius just grab an old Civic with a 5 speed transmission. Especially when you get 43mpg driving 70+mph back from yesterday’s Tigers game.