What is it with kids and fighting? I know, kids are idiots when it comes to relationships, but hear me out….
Tonight Andrea and I drove over to the skating rink to pick up the girls and a few friends at closing time. Large crowd outside, find the kids, tell them to hop in and away we should go. Except when I start hear two girls start screaming at each other and the crowd starts forming around them….
What the heck is it when a crowd forms around two girls who are beating the crap out of each other? The girls are picking sides and the guys are enjoying the show. And of course it’s up to yours truly to break up the melee and send them packing because the “cool guys” were walking around enjoying the carnage as opposed to doing the right thing and getting in between them. No, it took at 34 year stranger to pull them apart on the ground to stop the stupid crap.
Yeah, I know, as the person who received a few blows over the years I have a different view of it than some people. Usually its a tough kid picking on someone who isn’t as tough (in this case, the tough kid apparently was tripping another on the skating rink all night long and then decided to take it outside when they were going home).
While I know I did the right thing (as opposed to some parents who ushered their kids into their cars quickly and then stayed and watched), some of my kids think now they will be known for the “fat dad who got in between a really good fight” and they might even pay for it when school starts. But I hope they realize one day it was the right thing to do…