Dad, Derek, and Lynnly; hold your applause.
I’ve converted. I’m typing this from my new black MacBook which finally showed up a couple of days ago. The only problem so far is a massive lack of memory which will be remedied soon as it shows up from a company who sells it at half the price Apple puts on its website.
MBA classes start tomorrow and it’s going right in there with me. Not had a single drop on the wireless network and (besides the lack o’memory) it does an awesome job with NeoOffice (no more $$$ to Microsoft….Mr. Jobs now gets all my computing cash).
And the migration assistant was incredible (besides the fact that it copied over my boot camp XP partition files…how nice it was to delete “autoexec.bat” and have the machine boot flawlessly.
Anyone want to buy a MacMini cheap (that is if Mrs. W doesn’t get converted herself)