Hey, how’s it going? Pretty hot this summer, damn, maybe that Gore guy has something. Oh well.
Anyhow, just wanted to see how things are going with the whole global jihad thing. Yeah, kind of a bummer for you that 21 of your brothers got picked up by “the man” over in Dhimmiland otherwise known as Great Britain. Hey, that happens. You guys know about OpSec. One guy talks to his brother about “big plans” after Friday service and next thing you know WHAM, you’re licking concrete with a subbie pointed right at your noggin.
So anyhow, about that plan to blow up airliners. Interesting twist using liquid explosives, but you know it’s been tried before when you sent old Dickie from North “Don’t know how plastic explosives work-istan”. What did we say about being original? You keep playing out these scenarios thinking “OK, how about bombs….ON AIRPLANES!” and these Western guys yawn and start doing those damn Sudoku puzzles. You guys are about as original as this post…
Didn’t you guys pay attention to what happened to Osama or even that Zarqawi dude when they stopped being original? Damn idiot got a surgically implanted JDAM up his keister for going on and on about beheading infidels, raping the horses, riding off on the women. You KNOW Allah is just giving him grief over that one.
Anyhow, back to this plan. Yeah, you know, it’s getting a bit old. Expecially when us dumb Americans start thinking of who could have been one of your targets. That tends to make us grumpy. Oh I know your buddies will try to get them off, but you know that it’s going to take time and that’s going to be another 21 pieces of fodder you are going to have to replace.
But I’ve got a bigger question. What did you expect of this? Yeah, there would have been memorials everywhere, flags of Satan all over the United States and probably a very special episode of Joey. But what else happened last time something of that magnitude happened? Oh yeah, that’s right. Uncle Osama got his ass handed to him in Afghanistan and how “Mr. Furry Hat” is now in charge.
So anyhow, just wanted to see how things are going. I know you are probably busy trying to pull the hard drive out of that damn laptop right now to toss into the bottom of the Thames, but if you have a few minutes we’d love to hear from you. Preferably before the police break down your door in a few minutes.